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Artist Statement

With radical changes in the world, it seems my photographic style has also changed.  I have emerged with a completely different vision. The world moves and now I move with it. Instead of controlling a scene, I now work in a contemplative and intuitive manner.  Rather than record the literal of what is in front of the lens, I create something entirely new that can never be recreated. 

The movement with my camera is intentional; my shutter is open to move and change when light changes as nature and people move. By noticing sound, color and light, I stay present and feel the moment by being present. I aim to retain a piece of the identity of the scene yet focus on creating the feeling of the scene or moment.


I embrace impermanence and take joy in knowing the light, motion and color will never be the same. Reflected in my choices, I believe, is a subconscious that has been richened by cultural and visual experiences from around the world. I strive to be present to the moment, seeing with all my senses and being open to the unlimited potential to create everywhere. I have great respect for my tool, but I know that art is not in the mechanics of the camera, but in being aware of the motion and energy of the world.  

Ann on beach.jpg
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